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Restorative Tile Re-Grouting

Tiled Counter - Tile Re-Grouting

Sometimes the problem with tile isn't the tile itself but the grout. Stains and discoloration can make grout look disgusting. UNIVERSAL TILES & BACKSPLASH of Brooklyn, New York, helps bring back the look of your tile with their professional re-grouting service.

Affordable Re-Grouting

Save on the cost of tile work with affordable re-grouting. This service allows you to renew your damaged tile without spending a lot of money on major remodeling.

Service includes removing the old grout and installing new material in whatever matching color you choose. If you prefer, you can provide us with the grout and we'll just install it.


Our re-grouting service varies in price depending on what you want. Re-grouting is a cheaper, easier, and faster way to bring your tired tiles back to life. However, you pay less if we only refinish the grout.

Contact our contractors for services that make your tile look new again.